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To empower Sanjivani Business School students and faculty to become successful innovators and entrepreneurs, fostering a vibrant culture of creativity and problem-solving that contributes to social and economic progress.


To cultivate an innovation ecosystem that equips students and faculty with the resources, skills, and mentorship necessary to transform their ideas into impactful ventures. We achieve this by:

  1. Identifying and nurturing innovative talentthrough workshops, competitions, and pre-incubation support.
  2. Building a network of industry experts and investorsto provide guidance and funding opportunities.
  3. Facilitating collaborationbetween students, faculty, and external partners to drive innovation across disciplines.
  4. Promoting entrepreneurial thinkingby integrating innovation principles into the curriculum and fostering a risk-taking environment.


  1. Increase student and faculty participationin innovation-related activities by 10% within the next year.
  2. Secure funding for at least 2 student-led venturesby the end of the academic year.
  3. Establish a robust mentorship programconnecting students with successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals.
  4. Host a minimum of 2 major innovation eventsannually, including hackathons, idea competitions, and speaker sessions.
  5. Achieve a national rankingwithin the top 25 IICs by the third year of operation.


  1. Organize workshops and seminarson topics like design thinking, ideation, prototyping, intellectual property, and business development.
  2. 1.       Conduct innovation challenges and hackathons to encourage students to tackle real-world problems.

    2.       Provide pre-incubation support to promising student ventures, including mentorship, workspace, and access to prototyping facilities.

    3.       Facilitate industry interactions through guest lectures, industry visits, and mentorship programs.

    4.       Disseminate information and resources related to innovation and entrepreneurship through an online portal and awareness campaigns.

    5.       Network with other IICs to share best practices and participate in national innovation initiatives.


    1.       Students: Gain valuable skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

    2.       Faculty: Enhance their teaching pedagogy and participate in cutting-edge research projects.

    3.       Sanjivani Business School: Establish itself as a leader in innovation education and entrepreneurship, attracting top talent and fostering a dynamic learning environment.


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