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Placement Policies @ SBS

The placement policy of Sanjivani Business School, aimed at facilitating the placement process and providing equitable opportunities to students, encompasses the following key components:

Placement Cell: The institution has a dedicated placement cell responsible for coordinating all placement-related activities and building relationships with potential recruiters.

Pre-Placement Activities: The placement cell organizes various pre-placement activities such as resume building workshops, interview preparation sessions, mock interviews, and personality development programs to enhance students’ employability.

Industry Engagement: The institution maintains strong connections with industry professionals, alumni networks, and corporate partners to facilitate internships, guest lectures, industry visits, and live projects for students.

Placement Process: The placement cell follows a structured placement process, which typically includes the following steps:

a. Announcement: Companies interested in recruiting from the institution are invited to announce their requirements, job profiles, and selection criteria.

b. Registration: Interested students submit their resumes and other required documents to the placement cell for registration.

c. Pre-Placement Talks: Companies conduct pre-placement talks to provide students with insights into their organization, job roles, and growth opportunities.

d. Shortlisting: Companies shortlist candidates based on their resumes, academic performance, and specific criteria.

e. Interviews: Shortlisted students participate in interviews, which can include multiple rounds such as technical interviews, group discussions, and personal interviews.

f. Selection: Companies extend job offers to the selected candidates, and students have the option to accept or decline the offers.

g. Placement Statistics: The institution maintains transparent records of placement statistics, including the number of offers made, sectors represented, average salary packages, and other relevant information.

Placement Policy Guidelines: The Sanjivani Business School adheres to well-established guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency in the placement process. These guidelines may include rules regarding offer acceptance deadlines, offer withdrawal policies, confidentiality agreements, and grievance redressal mechanisms.
Internship and Training: The placement cell facilitates summer internships and industry training programs, which provide students with practical exposure and help them bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements.
Alumni Support: The institution leverages its alumni network to connect students with alumni working in various industries, who can provide guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

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