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Book Launch Ceremony – “Basics of Marketing” Authored by Dr. V. R. Malkar the Charismatic I/C Director of SBS

“Significant milestone – Book Publication”

The grand release ceremony of the book “Basics of Marketing,” authored by Dr. V. R. Malkar, marked a momentous occasion graced by distinguished guests. Hon. Shri Amitdada Kolhe, Managing Trustee of Sanjivani Group of Institutions, Dr. Rajnish Kamat, Vice-Chancellor of Dr. Homibhaha University Mumbai, Dr. N. Panchnatham, Former Vice-Chancellor of Tamilnadu Teachers University, and Dr. A. G. Thakur, Director of Sanjivani College of Engineering, added prestige to the event with their esteemed presence. The ceremony, adorned with their support, highlighted the collaborative spirit between academia and industry, emphasizing the significance of “Basics of Marketing” in the field. Dr. V. R. Malkar expressed heartfelt gratitude for the encouragement received from these distinguished guests, marking a significant milestone in the book’s journey.

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