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Sanjivani Business School Director and Research Faculty Achieve Noteworthy Publication in Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management

Sanjivani Business School (SBS) is proud to extend heartfelt congratulations to Dr. V. R. Malkar, In-Charge Director of SBS, and Prof Ritesh Patel, Research Faculty, for their remarkable achievement in the world of academia. Their paper, titled “Predicting cause-related marketing patronage intentions based on Schwartz’s theory of human values: A large-sample study anchored on female fashion leadership,” has been accepted for publication in the esteemed Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management.

The publication, marked by its focus on cause-related marketing patronage intentions and its grounding in Schwartz’s theory of human values, reflects the dedication and scholarly contributions of Dr. V. R. Malkar and Prof Ritesh Patel. The acceptance of their manuscript, underscores the significance and relevance of their research in the field of fashion marketing.

This achievement not only adds to the scholarly reputation of Sanjivani Business School but also contributes valuable insights to the academic community. The SBS community expresses its pride and extends warm congratulations to Dr. V. R. Malkar and Prof Ritesh Patel for this noteworthy accomplishment. The forthcoming publication in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management is eagerly anticipated, further showcasing SBS’s commitment to excellence in research and academia.

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