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Sanjivani Business School Expands Global Reach with International Autumn School on Sustainable Business Development

Prof Sudhanshu Bhatt, the Programme Coordinator at Sanjivani Business School, showcased exemplary initiative by organizing the International Autumn School in collaboration with Ural Federal University’s Graduate School of Economics and Management. The program, focused on Sustainable Business Development and ESDG transformation, spanned from November 13th to December 1st, 2023. The five ECTS credit course attracted participation from five SBS students, alongside peers from diverse departments within Sanjivani’s Department of Management and Commerce. The successful completion of the course earned all participants a valuable certification. This strategic effort not only advances the internationalization process at SBS but also provides students with a unique opportunity for global exposure and networking. The experience not only boosts morale and confidence but also enables students to bridge the gap between theoretical studies and practical insights.

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